How To Do Leather Detailing And Color Matching Properly For Your Vehicle

Leather is very durable and lasts a long time but it also shows wear. Cars with leather interiors need detailing on a regular basis to look half-decent.

American leather comes with a durable vinyl coating and refinishes and re-colors well. Seats that look like a detailed road map do well to be restored and this increases the resale value of a car by several hundreds of dollars.

To properly detail your leather seats, first thoroughly clean all leather panels to be restored. Use a water based and alcohol cleaner for best results. Sand out all cracks using 320 or 400 grit sandpaper, as far down as to bare leather if necessary. Once you have achieved your level of surface smoothness, seal all of the cracks and sanded areas using a water-based leather sealer or primer. Be diligent in this process, as if the leather is not sealed adequately it will absorb moistness and then stiffen. You can re-color or re-coat water based leather using vinyl paint. The result is highly flexible. This process is not to be mistaken for dyeing. Your last step is the clincher and seals the deal! Finish with a clear coat. The gloss can be adjusted with a duller or gloss reducer additive.

The next thing will look at is color matching, since the top color in automobiles today is gray let’s take a look at that. Begin with the lightest color of the pigment structure which is White, then yellow (90% of time it is yellow,) then black.

It is common to select a small amount of red or orange between the yellow and black. This helps to dirty up the mix a little bit. The eye matches best! For practical reasons it is a good idea to work on both colors and repairs. Do some good damage to your practice piece and then work to repair and re-color it. When you feel you are comfortable with this process they can move next to doing work on your actual vehicle.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing leather detailing or color matching yourself you can always find a detail shop to do it for you. The best and most qualified car detailing shops can go to great expense in providing superior franchised equipment, however, unless they can also provide the best and experienced detailers to operate the equipment, using the proper technique, they can very well find themselves without any customers

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Do Hybrid Cars Really Live up To All The Hype That We Hear?

The increase in gas prices as well as the effects of global warming believed to have been brought on by carbon emissions has driven the demand for hybrid vehicles that use less gas and run using a combination of gas and electricity.

The hybrid vehicle was introduced in the U.S. in 1999 and has been gradually increasing in popularity with its battery assisted electric motor that works in tandem with the gas engine. Because of the way they operate they consume less fuel and are very low in emitted pollutants that can harm the environment. Many people wonder if they really live up to all of the expectations.

For those who are interested in protecting the environment it is pretty much a no brainer to drive a hybrid since it has been proven through research that some of the better hybrid cars put off as much as 90% less harmful pollutants than that of a traditional gas powered vehicle. The people who drive hybrids enjoy the fact that the electric motor offers cleaner energy and gives the security of having the power of the gas engine when it is needed. This collaboration gives us a vehicle that not only has outstanding fuel economy but as stated before, dramatically reduces pollutants.

Because hybrid cars are much smaller than conventional automobiles as a whole they also do not require as large and engine. There are now some hybrid SUVs coming out but many hybrid purists feel that this is really defeating the purpose. The smaller hybrids of course use smaller engines which while not having a lot of power do have great fuel economy.

Now for the cons. As for now, the hybrid vehicles cost quite a bit more than a comparable conventional vehicle. You will pay on average around five thousand dollars more for the hybrid version of a particular car. However, if you intend to keep the car for a long time you will recoup a great deal on fuel. The cost of hybrids comes from the batteries that are currently used, as battery prices are reduced we can expect to see a reduction in the cost difference of Hybrids.

There is already one car company that is producing a totally electric car called the Tesla that runs on laptop batteries. The company is backed by some of the leaders of the internet industry and shows great promise as the first non gas powered vehicle that is also a true performance car as well with zero to sixty times under four seconds!

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How To Quickly Give Your Car A Showroom Shine That Will Last

You don’t have to be a car detailing professional to give your car a shine that looks like it belongs on a showroom. Everyone is enamored by the mirror look that you can see yourself in but the truth is even though those cars on the showrooms are detailed by professionals, you can get the same results at home with just a little instruction.

If you are going to use traditional waxes you should go online and look up the best brands of car wax. Remember that there is a lot of hype in the car wax market and there are a number of brands on the market that are at best, mediocre. On the other side of the coin, some of the costlier waxes may not be worth the investment. According to reviews by Consumer Reports, Turtle Wax and Black Magic waxes got high marks, but you should do your own research for non abrasive car wax.

Prior to waxing your car you need to prepare the surface by washing it thoroughly, you may have to repeat the process to be sure you have removed all the dirt and grime. After washing, be sure to dry the car totally before you begin applying wax. Never wax your car in the sun on a hot sunny day if it is bright out park the car in some kind of shade to wax it.

Next, take a sponge and get it moist then put a small dab of wax on it and rub it over the car in a circular clockwise motion. You should ideally work in three foot areas at a time moving around and covering the entire car. Once you have the entire car waxed, go back to where you first started.

The wax should be dry at this point and it is now time to begin the process of removing the wax from the vehicle. A lot of professional detailers I know use cloth diapers to remove wax. Be sure that they are 100% cotton, synthetic blends can scratch. Terry cloth towels do a good job as well. To remove the wax you will want to move in the opposite direction that you applied the wax in, so if you applied the wax clockwise, you should remove it counterclockwise in small circles to buff it off the vehicle. Change towels or cloths frequently so you aren’t reapplying wax.

Afterwards, take a totally clean cloth and go over the entire vehicle once more to be sure you haven’t missed any spots.

It isn’t difficult to have a professional quality wax job on your car. It just takes a little work and about an hour or so.

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