Car Cleaning – How to Clean Your Exterior and Interior the Right Way

Well it may sound metaphorical but yes your car will also need a shiny exterior and an interior that races at high speed, just like you! Well till now all you may have heard about maintaining your car is that:

o Maintain a steady speed of 60mph and your car will run smooth for a longer period.
o Use the correct gas needed for your car.
o You have no idea how things pile up in the trunk. So keep the trunk empty for fuel efficiency.

All of that is true when it comes to running your car. But it is not just the engine that constitutes your car – the shiny body that you liked once, the color that you had specifically chosen or the leather seats that you were proud of when you booked the car – all of that needs proper maintenance and care.

Let’s look one by one how you can keep the exterior of your car shiny:

o First rinse the dirt and dust off your car. Now use a sponge and soap it up well. Enjoy the foam as it lathers the body of the car! Wash it off or hose off the soap from the body next and clean the car. Now remember to dry it off with a soft, clean cloth. If you leave wet spots and water droplets on the body of the car then those will gather dust and you will get a spot when it dries up.

o Once a month you must use the chemicals available to remove bugs and dirt from the body of the car. These generally polish the surface of the car at the same time and are readily available in auto parts stores.

o Next is polishing. Use a good wax and pamper your car once in two months. Agreed you may want to just drive in a car wash and get all of these done, but believe me there is nothing better than personal care.

o Tires kiss the road – keep them strong, well-maintained and sturdy and they will ensure that your car is stable. Cleaning your tires is a must. Use cleaning products to stop building up of dust.

o Use care products specially made for other parts of your car – vinyl, wood work if any or plastic and rubber.

Once, you have the exterior dazzling your neighbor’s don’t forget to pamper the interiors of your car to impress those whom you drive around!

o Use seat covers. This cannot be stressed enough. It is easy to take these off and clean. Vacuum your car seats, then clean the seat covers, dry them and put them back on the seats.

o Clean the windows with proper cleaners, the dashboard and other attachments carefully using soft cleansers.

o Vacuum the carpet and use rubber mats to keep dust off from getting under the carpet.

Simple, easy to use tips to maintain the look of your car all by yourself and also gives you a good break for your Sundays. Remember to park your car in your garage if you are not using it often, this will protect the car and keep that extra dust off the body!

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Car Detailing – Improving the Look of Your Car

Car detailing is defined as the process of meticulously cleaning, polishing and protecting all the parts of an automobile from top to the bottom and from inside the car to the outside of the car by using special tools and other products that are not normally used by car cleaners. It does not include heavy body repairs or paintwork of the cars, but sometimes does include restorative light cosmetic work depending upon the vehicle condition and the person or Detailer attending to it. The main aim of car detailing is to thoroughly enhance and significantly restore the original looks of the vehicle involved.

Car detailing helps in the elimination of light scratches or marks on the paintwork of the car. Car detailing is classified into two major types-exterior detailing and interior detailing. Exterior detailing involves restoring, vacuuming and surpassing of the original conditions of the exterior parts of the vehicle like wheels, tires and windows among the other components. Products generally used for exterior detailing are wax, polishes, degreasers and detergents.


Interior car detailing involves the cleaning of the inner parts of the car or vehicle that is components like plastics, leather, vinyl, natural fibers and carbon fiber plastics. For cleaning of the interiors of the car various different techniques like vacuuming and steam cleaning are used. Interior detailing requires more time and effort when compared to exterior detailing. Interiors of a vehicle are prone to bad odor, allergens due to dust, stains, grits, which can cause switches to be prone to failure, hazy windows which obscure the driver’s view etc.

Standard processes include vacuuming along with steam cleaning and brushing for interior car detailing. Vacuuming of seats, trunk, shelf, headliners and the rear area for cargo is necessary. Floor mats should be cleaned separately and air compressor can be used for areas which cannot be reached by a vacuum cleaner. Brush and steam cleaning are done for the cleaning of mats and carpets. Mats are thoroughly scrubbed to remove any blemishes or stains and for more effective results, steam cleaning is used. Glass cleaners are used for cleaning the window glasses of the vehicle. For leather parts, leather soap, saddle soap and a leather cleaner are used and wiped with a damp cloth.

Re-vacuuming and wiping of the car parts is important so as to remove any left over dirt and this helps restore the original shine of the car.


Exterior car detailing involves processes like washing, drying, claying, polishing, sealing etc. In detailing of the car, washing is done by spraying with a high powered specialized spray followed by hand washing thoroughly the different parts of the car like door jambs, tire rims, glasses etc.

The next step is using a clay bar for removing impurities like residues or overspray traces. Polishing of the car helps give it back its original shine and a sealant is applied to give the car a rich and glossy shine.

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